Why Autel is a leader in the diagnostics market

If you've not invested in an auto diagnostics tool yet, you're losing out on serious cash. But which brand should you get? Autel might not be as well known as Launch, but they make fantastic diagnostics tools chock and block with functionality.
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When it comes to diagnostics tools, a few names come to mind, two of which are Launch and Autel.

There are other brands too, like BrainBee and Snap-on, but Autel and Launch both offer vehicle diagnostics tools available at more affordable prices.

For that reason, Autel and Launch have become the go-to diagnostics tools for many auto shops.

Of the two, Autel is lesser known. But does that mean it stands back to Launch?

Not at all. Read on to see why you should invest in an Autel diagnostics tool if you're in the market for a diagnostics system.

Easy to use

Autel's range of diagnostics tools are extremely user-friendly.

They're built with the popular Android OS, which is the most widely used mobile operating system in the world.

If you can use a phone you'll be able to use an Autel diagnostics tool.

Superb support

Because the company is based in the US, you can expect using diagnostics tools that work in a familiar language. You don't have to scour the internet to find out what a strange Chinese tittle means.


Autel's range of diagnostics tools comes with serious processing power.

That means you jog through diagnostic sessions much quicker than with weaker diagnostics tools.


The Autel is a magnificent diagnostics tool that's not just easy to use, but handles a knock quite well.

You don't want a diagnostics tool that's as sensitive as a snowflake; not if it's going to be used by men in overalls who work in grimy conditions with hand tools and other things that cause nicks and bumps.

Excellent model coverage

Autel's machines cover a wide range of automotive brands and models.

If there's a car out there, you'll probably be able to diagnose it using your Autel diagnostic tool.

Cost effective

Autel's range of diagnostic tools are more affordable than Launch's models.

This means you can offer top quality diagnostics services at a better rate than many garages.

In conclusion

Autel's range of diagnostics tools come in at a great price, gives excellent performance, gives vast model coverage and is easy to use.

If you're looking for the best diagnostics tool, get yourself an Autel diagnostics tool. You won't regret it.

We stock a range of Autel diagnostics machines that'll help you get more business.

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