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Detroit Diesel Compressors

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Rubber tyres with rubber feet for vibration damping and easy portability

Removable handle for easy portability.

Glycerine gauges for more accurate pressure readings and longer service life.

Dual pressure-regulated quick-couplers. Set the right pressure quick and easy

American-made throttle-valve controls engine load/unload speeds and pump load/unload states.

Fully enclosed pulley and fly-wheel adds extra safety

High-quality longer lasting powder-coated finish.

Diesel machines come standard with Key-start and Battery

New Bright Colour scheme, lets you stand out from the crowd

The machines can run up to 12,5 bar

Air output is exactly the same as previous generation

The new tank allows for a smaller footprint and lower weight.

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Tech specs

W-0.3/10D90L - Diesel powered 3 cylinder pump rated at 4 HP. Delivering 300 litres per minute

W-0.3/10D90L - 90 Litre vessel capable of 10 bar pressure;

V-0.4/10D100L - Diesel powered 2 cylinder pump rated 6 Hp. Delivering 400 litres per minute

V-0.4/10D100L - 100 litre vessel capable of 10 bar pressure;



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