Looking for a Compressor for your breakdown van?

Detroit Diesel Compressors

Well look no further than out Detroit Compressors. We cater for any mobile service crew. If you have a big fleet account you need taking care of or your buddies at the oval track on the weekend. Then let us be of service.

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We don’t have any videos of the Diesel Compressors in action but you can . The moment we add new products or product updates you’ll receive an email.


Detroit compressors is super easy to use.

When you fetch your machine we’ll show you how to set it up and use it.

Before you know it you’ll be out and about, pumping air like never before.

Satisfied clients

Find below a couple of the industries that successfully use a wide range of Detroit Air compressors

So what set us apart you might ask?


Roadside assistance companies
Mining companies
Fleet owners
Trucking companies
Tyre Fitment Centres
Mechanical Workshops

Service regions

These are the regions we can supply Detroit diesel compressors to.

Eastern Cape
Western Cape
Northern Cape
Southern Cape


The compressors comes with a Limited 24 month warranty from date of invoicing.

For a full list of T&C, just read the manual.

That’s to say, you need to know how to use this machine before you start using it.

We’ll train you. It shouldn’t take long. But if you use it in any other way you’re not supposed to use it you’ll void the warranty.

For instance, regular servicing is a sure way to keep your warranty and extend the life of your equipment.

You service your bakkie right ? Why not service your compressor, it works just as hard

For a full list of T&C, just read the manual, AGAIN!



Pay for your compressor via bank guaranteed payment, with cash or via EFT.


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