Disk skimmers

CPG Equipment stocks two types of disk skimmers. Both of them are mobile, which means you can meet clients where they are, do their brakes for them and move to the next client. It’s a fantastic way to solve clients’ problems and add incredible value while doing so.
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Bl202 Small

CPG-BL202 on-car disk skimmer

The CPG-BL202 is a mobile on-car brake disk skimmer you can use to skim brake disks while they’re still on the car. It’s a great way to give clients a necessary service without inconveniencing them.

Combo unit ready for Skimming

CPG-BL602 combination disk skimmer

The CPG-BL602 is a combination brake disk skimmer. You can use it to skim brakes that are still on a car or take the disks off and skim them right there next to the car.

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