CPG Equipment, in association with Journey Financing, can help you get financing for your garage equipment if you're approved.

Download the credit application, complete it and email it back to us (using the email address liberally strewn across this website).

We'll let the awesome people from Journey take  it from there.

Please take note: Journey does not finance blacklisted entities, and Standard finance rules apply

PS. And we don`t make commission on referrals.

Rental finance

Ownership of equipment isn't what it used to be. Not when it comes to technology, where your company gets stuck in a cycle of paying for rapidly depreciating assets that are less and less able to keep up with user requirements.

South Africa is starting to take the hint from the USA, where 65% of equipment is rented-not bought. As more and more South African companies see the beauty of rental finance. Journey has developed great plans customised for every organisation.

And you don't need to wait for your next procurement cycle. To get you started, Journey will buy back your existing equipment , relieving your company's balance sheet of all its old technology.

This equipment then becomes part of a rental plan. After we've bought it from your company, you then rent it back from Journey as a highly competitive interest rate. You chose the rental period from one to five year, keeping in mind the normal life span and depreciation period of the equipment.

Why rent equipment?

Because you don't want to own something that gets old and loses its value faster than you can say "JOURNEY".

Rental finance is an off balance-sheet operating expense, which can be deducted from your operating income. This capital can be put to better use to grow your core business. The bottom line to your business is that the technology assets you need are obsolete before they've even depreciated enough to be written off.

Before your equipment starts to creak under your business' demands, we'll be back with an upgrade to refresh your equipment inventory. With Journey's flexible rental finance plans, your technology is upgraded and replaced in full. And at the upgrade point, the effective interest rate paid to date will only be between 3% and 8%.

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