Software update

Please click on the link for the latest wheel alignment specification update. Updates are provided free of charge and are compatible with all SNIPER and Europa Alignment systems:

Please note this is a ZIP file; make sure you have the correct software to extract such as 7zip or winzip.

2. Open your Downloads folder in Windows

3.  Find the file and extract using suitable software

4. Place the new DB folder on the desktop for quick access

5. If the software was downloaded from another pc other than the Alignment system, then copy the extracted DB folder to a flash drive. NB: please run a virus scanner on the flash drive before transferring on to the Aligner!

6. Close Alignment program

7. Right click V3DAligner icon on desktop

8. Select ‘open file location’. This will open the‘Aligner folder’

9. Please find and Rename current ‘DB‘folder to ‘DBold’ or something similar. NB: This will allow you the ability to restore the old files in case the process goes wrong.

10. Open flash drive in new window

11. Please do not follow the next step unless step 9 has been completed!

12. Copy ‘DB’ folder from the flash drive and insert into ‘Aligner’ folder . As per step 8

13. Close all windows and restart V3D Aligner program

Disclaimer: Please note the use of these procedures is entirely the customer`s own risk. Please make sure you have familiarized yourself with all the steps before trying it.

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