Workshop lifting equipment

We supply and install all manner of Vehicle lifting equipment

  • Wheel Alignment lifts -5Tonne Lifting Capacity
  • Four post and Scissor type lifts 4 and 5 Tonne lifting Capacity
  • Two post Electro Hydraulic lifts -4 and 4.5 Tonne lifting Capacity
  • Base and Base free type Two post lifts-4 and 4.5 Tonne lifting Capacity
  • CAR Hoists-
  • Automotive lifts
  • Low level tyre lifts-2.7 and 3.0 Tonne lifting
  • Electro Hydraulic and AIR Bellows type lifts
  • Midrise and Full rise scissor lifts
  • Engine Cranes -Folding type and fixed
  • Trestles
  • Trolley jacks etc

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