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Double speed system with pedal control (7-14 rpm)For faster more efficient fitting

The special shape and toughness of the bead breaking arm ensure the rapid bead breaking of all types of wheels.

In this version the opening range of the bead breaker plate is easily adjustable, so that it can be fitted to all types of wheels

Further, the quick adjuster allows for setting the opening to match the tyre width, thereby reducing tyre damage during the bead breaker process

Two locking cylinders of 80 mm diameter control the 4 self-centring jaws, so that the rim is perfectly and strongly clamped on the turntable.

Moreover, the height of the wedges on the turntable plate allows the clamping of commercial vehicles wheels

The mounting tool can be adjusted vertically and laterally displaced from the rim.

The TC528 range is equipped with an innovative design turntable with mobile clamps giving a clamping range from 10” to 28” (inside) for aluminium rims and from 12” to 31” (outside) for steel rims and with the special 4 positions bead breaking arm (S version).

The clever closed design of the steel frame, makes for easier servicing.

On Other designs the bead breaker cylinder mounting is exposed to water and soap, leading to metal fatigue and rust and usually costly replacements

The beadbreaker cylinder is lined with a teflon insert, a product that does not rust , leading to much longer service intervals

All air fittings are metal instead of plastic, reducing the risk of accidental damage by the operator

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Tech specs

Rim clamping inside 12-22inch

Rim clamping outside 14-25inch

Max Rim width 16 inch/406mm

Max Tyre diameter 1160mm

Bead breaker force 2500 kg @12 bar

Turntable speed 7-14rpm

Power supply 380V/50hz-0.9kw

Power supply 220 V/50hz -1.1kw

Weight 226 kg

Air supply 8-12 Bar

TUV certified

Made in Italy (Correggio)

Rim clamping inside 12-22inch



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