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People are in a rush. And when they're not, they're in no mood to sit and wait around for their cars to get fixed.

So it's a schlep for them to take their cars or bakkies in to have their brakes skimmed and have to wait there for how long to get it done.

But it needs to be done. Driving with worn out brake pads and abused brake disks is seriously dangerous.

We have a solution your clients will love.

Take your brake disk skimmer to them and skim their vehicles' brake disks in their driveway!

They can sit and relax while you get on with ensuring their brakes once again work well and do what they should: help protect them and others when they hit the road again.

We stock the perfect disk skimmer for you to start your own skimming business, or to enhance your existing garage service business.

Take a look at our disk skimmers and get in touch for a price.


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Brake Spring Washer Tool
Provides leverage to remove and install stubborn hold-down springs of
drum brakes on cars and light trucks.
Beveled cup and notched design grips and removes or installs brake
spring washers 5/8” to 7/8” (12 – 22mm) in diameter.

Fits both large and small brake spring washers.

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