M&B 277 Wheel Balancers


A computerized digital wheel balancer with a single, fully automatic cycle.
Easily access to the different programs using the various function keys

Simultaneous weight and position readings on the double display.
Self-diagnosis and calibration ensure exceptional accuracy and easy

Wheel protection guard that allows balancing of 1,120 mm (44”) diameter
wheels. Automatic width gauge only on WB 277N version.

Aludata program that resolves all the problems of balancing aluminium rims. The arm
in the central part of the weight holder panel indicates the exact position for application
of adhesive weights.

Hidden spoke program that hides adhesive weights behind the rim spokes, optimizing
the quality/aesthetic ratio.
5 Alu programs for dynamic balancing with adhesive weights.
3 Static balancing programs (with spring or adhesive weights)
2 Special Alu programs for Pax tyres with measurements in mm.


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