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Now available: Business on a Bakkie, the perfect social distancing business opportunity

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Our Business on a Bakkie package gives you everything you need to start making money tomorrow skimming brake disks on the go.
Table of Contents

NB! WE ONLY HAVE TEN OF THESE PACKAGES AVAILABLE AT AN INTRODUCTORY OFFER. ORDER YOURS NOW! (And if you’re one of the first ten people to make contact we’ll throw in a bonus too.)

Vehicle owners want absolute certainty that their vehicle will take them from point A to point B safely and one way to ensure safety is driving with functional brakes.

But as important it is to drive with sound brakes, they often don’t make time to have their brakes skimmed.

And when they make time, having to wait for their vehicle is about as enjoyable as drinking vinegar and Coke.

Throw in the mandatory social distancing and there’s even less reason for people to leave their homes to get their brakes done.

That’s why we offer you the opportunity to skim vehicle brakes where the client is.

We call it Business on a Bakkie.

Business on a Bakkie is a fantastic way to quickly start making money by targeting one of the biggest pain points vehicle owners have: driving a vehicle with safe brakes without the hassle of having to actually do something to keep their brakes safe.

Business on a Bakkie gives you ALL the tools you need immediately, so you can leave our shop and start earning. In this day and age you can’t ask for a better opportunity.

And because it naturally fits perfectly with social distancing, this is a one-of-a-kind business opportunity.

Why’s that?

Well, you don’t need to go near the client. You can skim their vehicle’s brakes in their driveway while they’re comfortably sitting inside.

What you get

Your Business on a Bakkie comes with an on-car brake disk skimmer.

Here’s more info and some pics…

Brake lathe

The brake disk skimmer, AKA brake lathe, is a money making machine available in two models: on-car and combination.

Choose the one that’ll work best for you.

How it works

Start earning with Business on a Bakkie in five steps:

  1. Pay for your Business on a Bakkie.
    1. See if you qualify for financing.
  2. Fetch your kit.
  3. Receive training.
  4. Advertise.
  5. Start skimming disks and earn.

Wouldn’t you agree that making money (legally) can hardly be easier in this day and age?

That’s why you must take action now and order your Business on a Bakkie.

Or wait for better days while others take the opportunity to make cash in a day and age where every cent is essential and social distancing seriously challenges conventional money making ideas.


You might think a package like this would put you back at least R65,000.

But for as long as the first packages are available we’re letting them go for R56,000

But you must hurry.

With the current global crisis we can’t tell what the next batch of machines will cost.

Breakdown of profit you could earn

This is an estimate of what you could earn by investing in your very own Business on a Bakkie.

This is based on the 202 on-car disk skimmer, not the combination model.

  • Depreciation term: 36 months.
  • Cost of Disk skimmer: R30,000.
    • R833_ per month.
  • Average working days in a month: 22.
  • Technical salary: R_205__ per day.
  • Cost of equipment: R__38_ per day.
  • Consumable (wear & tear, electricity) cost: R__10_ per job.
    • Add only consumables per job from the second service per day.
  • Selling price: R_450__ per axle.
    Services for the day Cost / day Selling price Profit for day Profit / month Profit / year
    1st service R 253 R 450 R 197 R 4 334 R 52 008
    2nd service R 263 R 900 R 637 R 14 014 R 168 168
    3rd service R 273 R 1 350 R 1 077 R 23 694 R 284 328
    4th service R 283 R 1 800 R 1 517 R 37 730 R 452 760
    5th service R 293 R 2 250 R 1 957 R 43 054 R 516 648
    6th service R 303 R 2 700 R 2 397 R 52 734 R 632 808
    7th service R 313 R 3 150 R 2 837 R 62 414 R 748 968
    8th service R 323 R 3 600 R 3 277 R 72 094 R 865 128
    9th service R 333 R 4 050 R 3 717 R 81 774 R 981 288
    10th service R 343 R 4 500 R 4 157 R 91454 R 1 097 448

    As you can see, doing only a single skim a day will make you good profit.

    If you can do up to ten a day or more you’re looking at serious money.


    If you’re wondering, yes, financing is available for your Business on a Bakkie.

    Visit the financing page, download the application form and send it back. If you’re approved we’ll get back to you.

    Limited introductory offer – act now!

    We only have ten of these business packages in stock right now. I’m not sure what the next round will cost, given the way things are going globally.

    That’s why it’s best to contact me now to book your Business on a Bakkie.

    This message has been sent to a whole database of people, so by the time you read this I might be flooded with calls.

    Please just be patient when you call and I don’t answer immediately. If there are any Business on a Bakkie packages left I’ll get back to you ASAP.

    Optional add-ons

    If you’re already running a workshop you probably don’t need any extras. You can just buy the disk skimmer and get going.

    But if you don’t have any tools, we have a selection for you to choose from to ensure that your very first skimming job (and every skimming job after that) runs without a hitch.

    Here are some of the tools we offer…


    You get EVERY tool you need for you to start a successful brake skimming business.

    Here’s a complete breakdown…

    Brake caliper tool set

    You will receive an  18pc brake caliper tool set, Micro-Tec brand.

    Rear disc brake piston tool

    The Micro-Tec rear disk brake piston tool removes and installs disk brake pistons and rotates piston back into caliper cylinder.

    Rear Disc Brake Piston Tool
    Rear Disc Brake Piston Tool

    Wheel lock nut master key set

    The Micro-Tec wheel lock nut master key set comes with thin wall sockets to prevent damage to wheels.

    Extra long lug keys keep your wrench away from the wheel preventing nicks and scratches.

    Double hex head design fits most lug wrenches as well as 13/16″ and 7/8″ sockets.

    Wheel Lock Nut Master Key Set 16 Pieces
    Wheel Lock Nut Master Key Set 16 Pieces

    Brake adjustment tool

    The Micro-Tec brake adjustment tool speeds up star wheel adjusting on drum brakes by simply inserting the tool through the slot in drum backing plate.

    A different angle at each end adapts to many various models.

    Brake Adjustment Tool
    Brake Adjustment Tool

    Pneumatic brake fluid extract

    The pneumatic brake fluid extractor is vacuum operated and works on normal compresses air through a standard adaptor.

    Max air consumption: 140 lpm or 5 cfm.

    The unit contains a vacuum fluid extractor, bleeding hose with brake nipple and adaptor and automatic re-filling operation.

    Pneumatic Brake Fluid Extract
    Pneumatic Brake Fluid Extract

    Brake spring washer tool

    Provides leverage to remove and install stubborn hold-down springs of drum brakes on cars and light trucks.

    Brake Spring Washer Tool
    Brake Spring Washer Tool

    Wheel spanner

    You’ll need a wheel spanner to remove wheels with.

    You could use your client’s wheel spanner, but it’ll be quicker if you have one on you and at the ready.

    We supply you with one.

    Trolley jack


    A 4 ton trolley jack is more than sufficient to lift most cars quickly so you can mount the brake disk skimmer and get going.


    Two 3 ton trestles will help you keep the motor the disks of which you’re skimming, in place while your brake lathe is at work skimming.

    Small Detroit compressor

    3HP Compressor
    3HP Compressor 100lt tank 250lt/min

    You need a compressor to run your tools with. We give you one that’s ample for running your Business on a Bakkie.

    Plastic tray

    Make sure you leave the client’s driveway or parking spot spotless when you leave by catching all metal filings that come off from cutting the brake disks.

    Magnetic dial gauge

    You’ll need a dial gauge to ensure the client`s brake disk is running true. This magnetic dial gauge is easy to use because you can stick it on any metal part.

    Air blow gun

    You’ll need an blow gun to ensure you clean up all metal filings after cutting. You don’t want to attach brake pads while there are metal filings on the disks.


    A 150 mm vernier caliper is sufficient to measure the brakes disks you’re skimming. You’ll need to be able to tell the client whether their brake disks are still of usable thickness.

    Wire brush

    A wire brush is handy for removing rust and cleaning up before you attach the machine.

    Wire cup brush

    A wire cup brush can be attached to a cordless drill and used for cleaning where the hand wire brush doesn’t want to work.

    You get two.

    Painter’s brush

    A brush might seem like a simple, unnecessary tool, but it’s invaluable for quickly cleaning up.

    You get two.

    Lubricating machine oil

    The SAE10 lubricating oil is used to keep your machine running smoothly.

    You get a 5 litre container.

    Cleaning rags

    Like the paint brush, rags might seem unnecessary, but you’ll welcome this box of cleaning rags because it’s a simple addition that works well at helping you clean up after the skimming service.

    It’s worth repeating that your client will think far more highly of you if you clean up after you’ve skimmed their brakes.

    Aristo multi-purpose lubricant

    You’ll often run into a situation where the parts around the brake disks you’re wanting to skim are rusted fast.

    You’ll need some lubricant to help get them loose. That’s why we give you a 12 aerosol tins.

    Spanjaard brake parts cleaner

    Make sure the client’s brakes perform well for a long time after you’ve skimmed it by cleaning the parts with Spanjaard brake parts cleaner.

    You get 12 aerosol tins.

    Mechanic’s toolbox

    This handy Micro-tec 62 piece tool box gives you even more tools to quickly and efficiently run through skimming jobs.

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