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Europa 3D Wheel Alignment Systems

  • FREE lifetime South African vehicle database updates.
  • HD camera gives you hairpin accuracy. Standard on all models.
  • Easy to use, so you can train anyone to be an expert wheel aligner.
  • Patented design ensures speedy turnaround time so you run through wheel alignment jobs fast.
  • Beautiful looks, so your clients know they're in a pro's workshop, not a backyard mechanic's shed.
  • Far cheaper than the opposition, but gives the same performance.
  • Low maintenance intervals means minimal downtime.
  • 24 months warranty on cameras and targets and 12 months warranty on printer and PC means I've got your back if she gives you trouble.
Europa 803D wheel alignment machineEuropa 802D wheel alignment machineEuropa 801D wheel alignment machine

Or call me, Freek Myburgh, at 063 822 4941


Europa wheel aligners sell for between R120,000 to R150,000* (includes standard installation and training).

(*All prices on website exclude VAT.)

The closest competitor puts you back R185,000, while other wheel alignment machines cost up to R360,000!

Europa machines offer the SAME PERFORMANCE as expensive rivals, at a much better price.

To put it into perspective, the top range Europa 803D wheel aligner costs a mere R150 per day.

If you stick to industry guidelines, you charge R200 per wheel alignment service.

How many wheel alignments can you manage?

The average workshop runs 20 to 40 wheel alignments per day.

If you run a busy workshop, you could have your machine paid for in four months.

Expensive machines (that do the same job) take up to ten months to pay for.

Or call me, Freek Myburgh, at 063 822 4941

Service regions

I install and service Europa wheel aligners in these regions:

  • Western Cape
  • Eastern Cape
  • Northern Cape
  • Southern Cape
  • Transkei
  • Border
  • Free State


Europa 3D wheel alignment machines come in three models.

The 801D is the entry level machine. It doesn’t come with all the features of the other two, but is still a phenomenal wheel alignment machine. It’s ideal for tight spots. Goes well with a pitrack.

The 802D is the intermediate machine, with more features than the 801D.

The 803D is the flagship machine. This wheel aligner has everything you need to fly through wheel alignments.

Or call me, Freek Myburgh, at 063 822 4941

Feature comparison




2 x Deluxe Turn tables 50mm

3D dynamic simulation

Adjustable camera boom

Auto height adjust

brake peddle and steering lock

Customer work-order database

Deluxe mobile cabinet

Directional indicators on camers

FBGA technology

Free Specification Updates

HD camera

HD targets with Smallest footprint

King pin inclination

Measure Caster

Measure Max steering angle

Measure Toe out on Turns 20 degrees

Microsoft Windows 7 PC

No calibration required

Printer included

Raised vehicle adjustment feature

Real-time measuring

Rolling wheel compensation


Target auto-tracking

Targets with Sunlight filter

Temperature compensation

USB interface

Vehicle dimension feature

Wheel adapter 10-24 inch clamping

Or call me, Freek Myburgh, at 063 822 4941

Technical Specs

  • Power supply: 500 W, 110V~220V AC, 50/60Hz.
  • Toe, +20°~-20° (±1′).
  • Camber, +10°~-10° (±2′).
  • Caster,+20°~-20° (±3′).
  • KPI, +20°~-20° (±3′).
  • Set back,+5°~-5° (±2′).
  • MAX Steering angle,+60°~-60° (±0.1°).
  • Thrust angle,+5°~-5° (±2′).
  • Beam with 2HD Cameras.
  • Moveable cabinet Computer (Brand PC).
  • Software requirement:
    • OS: Win 7, 32-bit system.
    • Internal Memory Capacity: 1G.
  • Hard disk: 250GB.
  • CPU speed: 2.9GHz.
  • Dongle: 1PC.
  • Monitor: 19 inch.
  • Printer: A4 size.
  • Target: 4 small targets.
  • Clamp,12″-22″, 24″ option Brake Fixer.
  • Lock for Steering wheel.
  • Turntables, 2PCS.
  • 2PCS Wedge Block.
  • Luxury cabinet 1PC.
  • Colour: Red (optional).
  • Update online freely.


Smaller targets compared to oppositionHi Def target comes with UV filterEuropa wheel aligner installedEuropa wheel aligner installed in workshopEuropa aligner on liftEuropa 802D on mechanic's pitEuropa 801D on mechanic's pit

Or call me, Freek Myburgh, at 063 822 4941

Free Vehicle Database

If you buy a Europa wheel alignment machine, you gain lifetime FREE access to a South African vehicle database. You may upgrade the database for free, for the life of the machine.

What do my competitors charge?

Thousands of rands per update, and you might be required to upgrade 3 times per year!

Buying a Europa wheel aligner could save you tens of thousands of rands annually.

Or call me, Freek Myburgh, at 063 822 4941


Installation is free; doesn’t cost you a cent.


You want me to take charge of breaking down a wall or engineering a wheel alignment solution around an unmovable object.

In such a case, I’ll quote you on additional work.

Installation Time

It takes me a few hours to install your wheel alignment machine.

Once the machine arrives at my doorstep, I arrange for it to be delivered to your shop.

I control the drop, the install and the staff training.

Or call me, Freek Myburgh, at 063 822 4941

Staff Training

Staff training forms part of the machine’s price.

Because even the fantastic Europa wheel alignment machine is useless if there’s no one to operate it.

It can take as little as two hours to train your employee.

Get the machine installed and your staff trained, and start pumping out wheel alignments the next day.

Or call me, Freek Myburgh, at 063 822 4941


You’d think that Europa machines are less reliable than expensive wheel aligners.

That’s not the case.

Numerous workshops throughout South Africa use Europa wheel aligners. My list of satisfied customers include owners of:

  • Best-Drive,
  • Supa-Quick and
  • Hi-Q

tyre fitment centres.


The Europa wheel alignment machine gives you the same performance as its competitors.

That’s because they build Europa aligners from the same components expensive machines are made from.

A major wheel alignment manufacturer had the patent for the camera and target technology used by Europa, but let it expire.

Europa took the patent and made it part of their system.

However, Europa makes use of their own designs too, and holds patents on some of these.

Their software interface, for instance, is unique, in that it provides convenient shortcuts to the user.

Look at the picture below and you’ll see that many of the tasks a wheel aligner needs to perform, are a tap away.

Europa wheel alignment machine software interface
Europa wheel aligment machines give you easy-to-use software with convenient shortcuts

Or call me, Freek Myburgh, at 063 822 4941


Because Europa makes a fantastic machine, you get the following warranty:

  • 24 months warranty on cameras and targets.
  • 12 months warranty on printer and PC.

If you get any trouble from your Europa wheel aligner while it’s still in its warranty time-frame, give me a call immediately, and I’ll sort it out for you.

Payment Options

I accept cash, EFT and bank guaranteed payments.

The Europa wheel aligner is one of the best priced wheel alignment machines on the market.

You’re buying an incredible machine at a much better price than its nearest competitor.

Or call me, Freek Myburgh, at 063 822 4941


Europa wheel alignment machines have been endorsed by massive Italian tyre equipment & tools company, M&B Engineering.

This is one of the world’s greatest tyre fitment machine specialists.

If they endorse a product, you know it’s worth your money.

Happy Clients

By using Europa wheel alignment machines, you ensure that clients get the best wheel alignment, EVERY time they enter your shop.

You allow your clients to squeeze every drop of mileage out of their tyres, because you offer a top quality wheel alignment service.

And if you give them a good price, good service and a great wheel alignment, they’ll come back time and again.

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